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all natural sleep aid
  • all natural sleep aid
  • all natural sleep aid
  • Supplement - Fast-a-Sleep Supplement For Weight Loss
  • all natural sleep aid
Fast-a-Sleep Supplement for Weight Loss - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
  • Doctor-developed
  • Fall asleep quickly, stay asleep longer, wake refreshed
  • All-natural, no drugs or narcotics
  • Active ingredients of cherry juice, whey protein, and St. John’s Wort
  • Non habit-forming, no side effects
  • Encourages weight loss
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Comes in packs of seven single servings.



FAQ: How do I use Fast-a-Sleep?

Simply mix it with a caffeine-free beverage and enjoy three hours before bedtime.  It has a natural berry flavor and works well with water or herbal tea.

FAQ: How does Fast-a-Sleep work?

Tart cherries are one of the world's best natural sources of melatonin, the hormone responsible for lulling us to sleep.  Tart cherry juice has been clinically proven to improve quality and duration of sleep, in addition to easing insomnia.  I've combined tart cherry juice extract with whey protein.  This has a sedative quality and helps to reduce the number of sleep interruptions we experience throughout the night.  

FAQ: Are there any side effects?

No!  Since this product is technically a food, it contains no drugs and causes no unwanted side effects.  There is also no risk of addiction.

FAQ: What does this have to do with weight loss?

At the clinic, I call sleep the third pillar of weight loss.  Why?  Sleep hormonally and cognitively enhances your weight loss abilities.  When we do not receive 7-9 quality hours of sleep per night, our cortisol (stress hormone) and ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels are unusually high the next day, and our leptin (satiety hormone) levels are low.  This results in hunger pangs, especially for sweet, fatty foods.  In addition, our impulse control will be compromised, making it that much harder to say no to temptations.  In fact, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that those who do not sleep well eat an average of 385 additional calories the following day.

If we do not get enough sleep for several nights in a row, our muscles begin to erode, leading to a slower metabolism.  Reverse this trend by having a consistent bedtime and waking time, practicing good sleep hygiene, and eating foods that promote a sound night's sleep.